Wednesday, 7 December 2011

7 December 2011 Pledis CEO Han Sung Soo is one of 2011′s Best Producers

As the end of the year draws ever closer, the unavoidable year-end lists and rankings are starting to be released. Korean media label Star News recently compiled a list of the most successful producers of 2011, based on the monthly Melon charts.

Instead of simply counting album sales, the list was based on how many songs each producer managed to land in the Melon monthly chart’s top 50 ranking from January to November of this year. A total of 315 tracks were qualified to be considered for the ranking.

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#8. Han Sung Soo, PLEDIS Entertainment – 6 tracks

With its numerous sub-units, After School propelled PLEDIS Entertainment to a good year with its offspring Orange Caramel charting strongly with “Aing” (January, 32nd), “Bangkok City” (April, 8th), and “Shanghai Romance” (November, 24th), as well as their experimental After School Blue and After School Red sub-units with “In the Night Sky” (September, 48th) and “Wonder Boy” (August, 36th), respectively.

After School itself also pulled in a decent year, with last year’s Christmas single “Love Love Love” (January, 46th) and “Shampoo” (May, 5th) both performing strongly.
Source: Star News via AllKPop via AfterSchoolDaze

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